Berg & Blume Jewellery is a small Danish based jewellery brand I established in 2020. I have since I was a child had a passion for nature, organic shapes and design, and in Berg & Blume I combine this passion to produce high quality, handmade jewellery.

My inspiration comes from facettes and details in the nature surrounding us. Shapes and forms are crafted based on silhuettes of mountains, gentle waves in forest lakes or wild flowers pick in the fields. My source of inspiration has also inspired the name: Berg & Blume (In English: Mountain & Flower).

For me, designing and producing jewellery is a leisure activity, which I practice when time allows. So there will often be long periods with no activity, as I have both a full-time job and my family to focus on.

I am very conscious about reducing our climate and environmental impact as much as possible, and we use as much recycled silver as possible.

For the jewellery production, I get assistance from experienced silver- and gold smiths.

All pieces are made individually. Larger parts are re-produced based on my prototypes and afterwards we carry out the surface treatments, soldering and polishing, before assembling all parts. No mechanised systems are used as these are not adequate for the complexity and finish required.

The jewellery are available in both sterling silver (925) or 18 carat (ct) gold-plated sterling silver (925). The quality of the materials is routinely checked by the Danish Jewellery Quality Control.

All jewellery have a 2-year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

All designs are exclusively available through my website.